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After a year of daily home workouts, I’ve transformed into that person who logs in their meals on MyFitnessPal. I know that a serving of instant noodles clocks in at around 270 calories.

In turn, I know that to burn that off, I need at least 30 minutes of intense cardio. Two packets of instant noodles mean a full hour of brisk walking at least.

At times, I will compute how many minutes of cardio-boxing is needed if I indulged in a large milk tea that can go for 300 calories. We get into the big business when I start reading the nutrition labels of new products I’m trying or when we’re opting for some food via a delivery app.

I haven’t totally lost it. Call it the effect of having extra time because of my WFH life. It means I don’t spend three hours commuting. It’s also not all about taking the joy out of food. In fact, my extra curiosity has led to different food finds.