[WELCOME TREAT] Fourtify Market Everyday Snack Bundle


Welcome to Fourtify Market, where snacking gets better! If you're new here, we've got a treat just for you – the 'Everyday Snack Bundle' with an exclusive ₱100 discount! This bundle includes:

- VIRAL Founding Farmers Mixed Veggie Crisps in Sea Salt: Enjoy the medley of real veggies like okra, sweet potato, green sword bean, carrot, purple sweet potato, and pumpkin in every crispy bite.

- Cravewell Purple Roots Sour Cream & Onion: Satisfy your chip cravings guilt-free with thinly-sliced taro and purple sweet potato crisps.

- Frappy Gummy with Vitamin C in Pineapple & Passionfruit: Experience the fruity goodness of real fruits, naturally flavored and colored, packed with extra Vitamin C, and less sugar for a maximum tropical taste.

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