Evina Coco Sugar with STEVIA 200g | Natural Sweetener, Diabetic-friendly


"Evina Naturals Coco Sugar with STEVIA 200g - the perfect blend of caramel-like coconut sugar and the added goodness of Stevia. Made from fresh coconut flower nectar and natural extract of the stevia plant, this sweetener offers a delightful and nutritious alternative to traditional sweeteners. Enjoy the benefits of:

- Packed with more nutrients than regular sweeteners.

- With a low Glycemic Index (GI=35), it's safe for diabetics.

- Low calorie

- Organic, crafted from fresh, dehydrated coconut flower nectar.

Uses: Replace sugar or honey in your coffee, tea, breakfast cereals, cooking, baking, shakes, and desserts, and experience the natural and wholesome sweetness in every sip and bite."

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